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Dee & Glen Hinkle

Grand Island, NE
United States

Whats   Happening   in   the   Hinkle   House

This page is dedicated to Bichons and Family. Not always in that order, but most of the time. Bichons are little, white, high spirited balls of fluff. If you do not like a strong willed pet then they might not be for you but if you enjoy a high maintainence pet that has more love than any 10 pets -MAYBE - just - MAYBE - they are for you. BUT before you would decide do check out all the links below and make sure. Just because we are owned by 2 and have been owned by the breed for more than 15 years does not make them the pet of choice for everyone.

Then there is our family-WOW! One son and 2 daughters, all married and 3 granbabies!! YIPPEE!! If I would have known Grandkids were so much fun I would have had them first!!

So welcome to our Haunt and come back soon. Send an email too!!

Hinkle Haunts (Links)

DusDee's Doins
Be sure and check out all of DusDee's links!!
The Story of DusDee
The touching story of our "miracle" DusDee.
Rainbow Bridge
Sharing the loss of our pets with others.
DanDee's Hymn
Sharing the loss of a beloved furbaby fluff.
Bichon Frise-L Breed Discussion List
A great place to learn more about the breed and HOW to pick a puppy. Check out all the links here.
Bichon Frise Rescue
Rescue one til there are none.
The Duffeys
Check this out..
Roads to Adventure
If traveling is your thing this is your place.
E-Mail Directory
Register it is fun!!!
Auction Web
Auction on the internet.
A sweet "FLUFF" site.
Bichons on the Web
Bichons and more Bichons!

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